This is an instrument tracing control valve. A compact steam control valve, providing accurate, reliable, economical temperature control in instrument and analysis equipment rooms. Safe (explosion proof), low cost compared to electric heating systems.

Thermal drive controls the steam supply of the instrument tracing and prevents overheating of the instrumentation and analysis equipment and provides effective freeze protection. Can be safely used in all types of environments, explosion-proof areas, etc.

• Various temperature ranges are possible due to interchangeable actuators.
• Standard temperature control points between 4ºC and 85ºC.
• Valve reacts instantly and opens or closes gradually, preventing water hammer.
• Keep the room temperature at ± 2ºC from the control point.

The BLOK IEV valve has been specially developed to use steam as an effective heating medium for instrument room. This valve makes steam a better alternative than other heating media. Cheap and easy to use and install. The Blok IEV valve is installed in the steam supply with the sensor (also thermal actuator) in the instrument room
mounted. The instrument room is maintained at the desired temperature with an accuracy of ± 2ºC. Expensive explosion-proof facilities are not necessary here. The steam pressure to be used may be between 1 and 14 bar. Various thermal actuators are available for this with setting values ​​of 2ºC.; 7ºC.; 20ºC.; 35ºC.; 85ºC. (special setting values ​​on request). The actuator can be easily and quickly replaced if you want to change the room temperature setting.

The central part of the Blok IEV valve is the capsule filled with special thermal wax. The “wax” reacts to the ambient temperature. The transition from solid to liquid phase gives a large volume change through a narrow opening. This in turn gives enormous power in a small temperature range.