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We are Blok Gouda

We specialize in all types of steam traps and condensate drainage.

Energy saving has been an important topic in industry for years. Technological innovations make an important contribution to sustainable solutions for industrial companies. By using technology in a smart way in business processes, costs are saved and the environment is less polluted.

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Blok Gouda streeft naar eerlijke en voordelige zakelijke praktijken ten aanzien van arbeid en de gemeenschap en regio waarin een bedrijf zaken doet.





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Blok Gouda streeft ernaar de natuurlijke orde zoveel mogelijk te bevorderen of op zijn minst geen schade toe te brengen en de impact op het milieu te minimaliseren.





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Blok Gouda streeft ernaar een organisatie te zijn die een positieve impact heeft op de lokale, nationale en internationale economie.



Blok Gouda is a specialist in all types of steam traps and condensate drainage. Industrial companies use these steam traps in their installations. Well-functioning steam traps not only ensure a smooth, but also an energy, raw material and cost-saving process. Blok Gouda advises and supplies customers such as refineries, chemical, pharmaceutical companies and the food industry. With our top products and services, we contribute to the sustainable operation of industrial installations.

Blok Gouda focuses in the development of its products on the optimal operation and lifespan of steam traps. We develop and produce steam traps in-house, opting for sustainable materials and processes. In this way we ensure a circular process: from production to recycling. Corporate social responsibility in practice.

To achieve a perfect production process, cooperation between our customers (the industrial companies) and us as a specialist is crucial. We can only come up with tailor-made solutions together. At Blok Gouda we see our customers as partners and together we aim for the best result. That is more than suitable products, it also includes advice. After all, the steam / condensate installations in which our products are used are of crucial importance to our customers in the industry. The industrial processes depend on our parts for proper operation. Whether it concerns processes in the refining, chemical, food industry or power stations: without steam, no production. And this production process must not only run, but also be safe, healthy and sustainable. The professionals of Blok Gouda are trained in this and they also continuously focus on these aspects of the business process in their work.

Interested in what we can do for you?

At Blok Gouda we have the experience, knowledge and craftsmanship to offer our customers a complete service. Our history goes back to 1946 and thanks to our continuous developments, we are today, an innovative specialist who listens to and thinks along with our customers. Blok Gouda thus combines experience with innovation in optimal operation of installations.