Lower maintenance costs

Measurements and Service

Steam traps and steam installations require relatively little maintenance! Even though the experience of the technical service is sometimes different. This is because maintenance is often carried out too late or has been neglected. That is why Blok Gouda has developed a method to improve and optimize the steam / condensate installation. This leads to lower maintenance costs and is recouped through energy savings. As specialists in steam traps and with over 50 years of experience in this field, we can contribute a lot of knowledge and experience in condensate disposal. The life of the trap depends on the quality of the trap, the condensate, the mounting, the type of trap, etc. It is therefore necessary to periodically check the functioning of the trap.

A steam trap works well if:

  • It does not let steam through.
  • This allows sufficient condensate through so that the steam in front of it can dissipate its heat of condensation. (With the exception of extra supercooled steam traps for e.g. certain tracing applications.)