Block ST-valve

The BLOK ST-Valve is a fully self-acting temperature-controlled control valve. This regulates the temperature of a pipe or storage tank by means of the gradual switching on and off of a heating medium, for example steam. This prevents wasted energy and damage to process fluids due to overheating.

This valve also requires little maintenance and has a long life. The block ST valve makes a fragile capillary unnecessary, as well as capsules filled with hazardous chemicals or thin-walled bellows.

Installation is easy with clamping straps or welding. Optionally, a thermal conduction cement can be used for an even better heat transfer to the temperature-controlled drive. This thermal actuator is mounted against the pipe or tank wall, so that the temperature is constantly recorded to which the valve reacts immediately.


If the process liquid falls below the set value, the wax shrinks in the capsule. This allows the spring to press in on the wax. this shift causes the valve to open. If the temperature rises above the set range, the wax expands and closes the valve.


  • Self-regulating, no control air or power required.
  • Easy installation.
  • Failsafe open.
  • Direct steering.
  • Explosion proof.
  • Setting range from 2 – 115 °C


Blk ST valves are ideal for automatic temperature maintenance of pipes containing acids, phenol, sulfur and other problem fluids. The steam savings can be up to 70% compared to unregulated tracing.

installation example