Blok Steamdetect IV

Steamdetect IV





The Blok Steamdetect IV is a measuring device specially developed to quickly and easily check the operation of a steam trap. This measuring device contains an ultrasonic detector, an infrared temperature meter with a laser indicator. The ultrasonic noise measurement is used to check whether or not the steam trap is leaking steam and with the help of the infrared temperature meter it is measured that the steam trap has reached sufficient temperature.

A steam leak causes a vibration in the ultrasonic area. This vibration is detected by the ultrasonic detector and then converted into a numerical value, which appears on the screen of the measuring device. The infrared temperature meter measures whether the steam trap is sufficiently heated. This measuring device is suitable for all types of steam traps.


Features of the Blok Steamdetect IV:
• Detects steam leaking traps and valves
• Ultrasonic and temperature measurement with one device
• Measure a steam trap in seconds
• Simple and very reliable measurement
• Robust and very user-friendly device
• No mounting of additional auxiliary devices required

Steam leaking steam traps cause erosion, water hammer and pressure increase in the condensate return system. In addition, steam leaks cause the heat of evaporation to be released after the steam trap instead of before it, resulting in energy loss. People are often unaware that this energy loss is very costly and that steam leakage can also cause expensive problems. For example, a steam leak at 7 bar and at a steam price of € 25 / ton of steam per year costs approximately € 2000 in energy loss. This, added to the extra maintenance costs that a steam leak causes, shows how important it is to detect steam leaks.

It is therefore profitable to have steam traps measured by an expert once a year. Not only does it contribute to the optimal functioning of the steam / condensate installation; it also promotes a more sustainable use of it.

• Ultrasonic basic device
• Contact probe
• Carrying strap
• Battery charger
• Plastic storage case
• Digital manual

• Headphones
• Screw sensor with magnet

• Standard version
• ATEX version

• Surface measurement by means of contact probe with stainless steel sensor
• Switch between ultrasonic and temperature measurement at the touch of a button
• Digital display (LCD)
• Adjustable display intensity
• 6 language choices
• Temperature can be set in ° C or ° F
• Includes laser indicator
• Suitable for Ex-Group II Zone1 gas, EX ia IIC T3 / T2 Ga.
• Built-in battery for approx. 8 operating hours
(only charging outside Ex-zone, see manual)
• Extruded aluminum housing, IP4 tightness
• Dimensions: approx. 90 x 225 x 45 mm
• Weight: 750 gr