MINI-N 1064 (0-16 bar)



Ball float steam trap Mini-N 1064

The RIFOmat steam trap type Mini-N 1064 is a special float steam trap made of stainless steel 316Ti. This version also includes the special RIFOmat durable valve/seat construction. This rotating mechanism is very solid and more resistant to water hammer than the traditional valve/seat construction in float steam traps. The float control is gas-tight. The dip tube (PTO no. 5) to the valve/seat must be immersed in the liquid for this.

Applications of the RIFOmat float steam trap type Mini-N 1064 are dewatering of biogas and steam pipes, systems and installations.


Type Mini-N 1064

The durable RIFOmat interior, with the "half moon" displayed, the rotation of this opens and closes the passage of the float steam trap