Efficient control of the boiler water of a steam boiler requires regular analyzes of the water, by checking whether the composition of the boiler water meets the set values.

Continuous blowdown valves are provided with tapping points for taking samples. If the water is drained 30 to 50 mm below the minimum level, then the sample is ideal and will not affect the level control instruments.
In order for derived analyzes to take place correctly, samples must be fed from the tap of the continuous blowdown valve to the water sample cooler type DRM-1. In this, the water sample is cooled to approx. 25 o C.

Direct sampling is not correct because there are too many evaporation losses. As a result, one finds in proportion

too many other substances per amount of water.

De BLOK watermonsterkoeler bestaat uit:

• Needle valve 1/4” with a compression fitting connection to the sampling line Ø 6/8 mm.
• One-piece cold-formed coil without welding.
• Ball valve 1/2” for the supply of the cooling water.
• Cylinder with cooling water in/outlet.
• Material entirely in stainless steel 316 (DIN 1.4401).

The BLOK water sample cooler DRM-1 has a simple construction and easy to connect.