BF5-DI/CS/CF (0-32 bar)


Ball Float trap for horizontal or vertical installation

The Eurotrap steam trap type BF5 is a ball float steam trap made of cast iron, carbon steel or stainless steel. The float mechanism of this steam trap controls the discharge of condensate and the thermal vent controls the discharge of cold air at start-up. The valve and seat are located below the condensate level, so when closed this metallic seal does not allow steam to pass through. Various float mechanisms are available to allow the valve to open at all pressure differences and to discharge large amounts of condensate at a small pressure difference.

Applications of the Eurotrap ball float steam trap type BF5 are dewatering heat exchangers. Working pressure 0 – 32 bar.

BF5-F flanged, horizontal version BF5 thread/weld end, horizontal version
BF5-F flanged, vertical version BF5 thread/weld end, vertical version